Extremely patient and honest! Hardworking and possess a wide knowledge of the market from buyer/seller’s perspective. Honesty, integrity which is his motto, he carries and practices it!
Snow Lee - April 2018

Brad Klassen has provided me with outstanding service! He has the ability to listen carefully for both the client's spoken and unspoken needs, and make recommendations accordingly. He is knowledgeable in the field, and resourceful enough to access information that may not be part of his repertoire. Brad is extremely patient, transparent and supportive of the client's needs. I have never felt rushed by him to make any decisions, and that is something I value deeply. When making suggestions, he is always keeping the client's best interest at heart, and is not attached to the outcome of those suggestions. I highly recommend Brad Klassen's services. Having him as your agent is like having a trustworthy ally working with and for you!
Anita Anand - March 2018

Brad was great! He was incredibly attentive to our needs and was always available for our questions, and we had many. He’s friendly, honest and super easy to get along with. Even though we were pretty set on one property he sent us several other options and went to visit some with us just to keep our options open and make sure we were happy with our choice. He’s great!
Emily Baxter - March 2018

My experience working with Brad is that he is driven and passionate about both his career and his family.  He consistently worked to achieve his high and very clear goals; frequently outpacing others.  His strong negotiation skills were served well by his well-researched industry knowledge and understanding; and his ability to quickly calculate financial outcomes.  I have confidence that Brad will be highly successful in helping home owners and buyers realize their dreams.
Margaret Penfold - January 2018

Brad is a genuine guy who protrudes passion when helping others achieve their goals. I know many of his clients, in addition to myself, have a high regard for him personally and in business. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time working with Brad as he assists you in your search for a new home/investment/life/adventure!
Megan Ricketts - December 2017
Brad Klassen
Brad Klassen