Brad was just absolutely THE BEST realtor we ever met!!!
Myself and mom were looking for a property in BC and Brad was actually recommended to us from another realtor. We were so fortunate to meet and we really thank to Lisa who referred him to us. Brad knew so much about his field as well as upgrading properties. He flipped lots of properties before and had so much knowledge and experience that were extremely helpful for us. We live in Calgary and flew to Vancouver 3 times and bought a house on our 3rd visit. Brad was very patient throughout the entire process and encouraged us to take our time to fine the perfect home for our family. Working with lawyer, banker and home insurance was pretty stressful we are extremely busy with work back home but Brad guided us and it was very helpful. Now we bought a house, Brad will actually help us again with our renovation which we are so thankful. We are so excited for the renovation and can't wait to move in!!
Yes, we will definitely recommend Brad to anyone who's looking for the perfect home within your budget! (BTW he's an EXCELLENT negotiator, too ^^) If you have Brad as your realtor, You are already in a great shape. He will get you what you want with his authentic and entrepreneurship mindset. We cannot express how happy we are with Brad. We hope everyone get to meet him.

리얼터를 찾고 계신다면, 브래드를 적극적으로 추천합니다.
저희는 캘거리에서 밴쿠버 쪽에 집을 찾고 있었어요. 보러 갈려고 했던 집의 리얼터가 최근에 법이 봐뀌면서 바이어도 리얼터를 통해서 바잉해야 한다며 브래드를 소개시켜줬습니다. 캘거리에서 3번 밴쿠버로 방문해 집을 장만하였는데, 갈때마다 브래드가 정말 차분하고 친절하고 마치 본인이 집을 사는마냥,,, 아주 적극적으로 집을 분석하고 여기는 고쳐야되는데 비용이 많이들거고, 이거는 이렇게 오픈하면 되고, 이 지역은 뭐가 좋고, 역까지 몇분이고 등등... 브래드 본인이 집을 사려고 하나... 싶을 정도였습니다. 브래드랑 집을 수십곳을 보러 다니면서... 샐러의 리얼터들과의 대화를 들어보면... 상대방 기를 눌러버릴 정도로 네고 능력이 뛰어났어요. 이런 사람이 저희의 리얼터였으니 얼마나 편했겠나요. 여긴 이래서 별로고, 여긴 레노를 했지만,, (샐러 리얼터를 불러놓고) 니가 직접 봐봐, 잘 했는지... 이거 다 뜯어서 새로 고쳐야되~ 라며 가격흥정을 할 기회를 수십개를 이곳 저곳을 돌아다니며 만들더라구요. 솔직히 이런 리얼터 처음 봤어요... 정말 최고에요. 전에 집살때.. 한인한태 샀는데... 컨시션조차 하나도 안걸고 그냥 이렇게 하면 된다고 해서 너무나도 아무것도 한거 없이 쉽게 집을 샀는데.. 저희 가족 추워서 죽을번 했어요. 이번에 브래드를 만나고... 아... 집은 이렇게 사는것이구나... 같이 다니면서 저희가 배운게 너무나도 많아 마치 저희가 집장사를 할수 있을만큼 교육이 된거 같습니다. 여러분,,, 저 믿고 브래드한태 연락하세요. 집은 이렇게 사는거에요. 칭찬할게 수없이 많지만... 지금부턴 직접 경험해 보세요. 아마 저처럼 이렇게 긴 글을 쓰고있는 당신의 모습을 곧 보게 될겁니다. 아무튼,, 저는 이제 브래드의 도움을 받아 예쁘게 레노해서 하루하루 예쁘게 살게요~ ^^

Christina Choo - August 2018

Extremely patient and honest! Hardworking and possess a wide knowledge of the market from buyer/seller’s perspective. Honesty, integrity which is his motto, he carries and practices it!
Snow Lee - April 2018

Brad Klassen has provided me with outstanding service! He has the ability to listen carefully for both the client's spoken and unspoken needs, and make recommendations accordingly. He is knowledgeable in the field, and resourceful enough to access information that may not be part of his repertoire. Brad is extremely patient, transparent and supportive of the client's needs. I have never felt rushed by him to make any decisions, and that is something I value deeply. When making suggestions, he is always keeping the client's best interest at heart, and is not attached to the outcome of those suggestions. I highly recommend Brad Klassen's services. Having him as your agent is like having a trustworthy ally working with and for you!
Anita Anand - March 2018

Brad was great! He was incredibly attentive to our needs and was always available for our questions, and we had many. He’s friendly, honest and super easy to get along with. Even though we were pretty set on one property he sent us several other options and went to visit some with us just to keep our options open and make sure we were happy with our choice. He’s great!
Emily Baxter - March 2018

Brad is a genuine guy who protrudes passion when helping others achieve their goals. I know many of his clients, in addition to myself, have a high regard for him personally and in business. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time working with Brad as he assists you in your search for a new home/investment/life/adventure!
Megan Ricketts - December 2017
Brad Klassen
Brad Klassen
2615A - St John's St Port Moody BC V3H 2B5